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3 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi Tony,

    On this particular cold and windy day (Dec 29, 2010) I was thrilled to hear you’re considering a run for Mayor.

    I remember the days when you were Supervisor for District seven. I brought to your attention the tree problem on Mt. Davidson park where a lot of trees at the end of their life cycle are now a falling hazard and liability to the City and County of San Francisco. In August 2003 a “work crew” from the parks department showed up and , even though they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to actually DO some work for once, managed to remove some of the more problem trees. Work still, however remains.

    Tony this city desperately needs the kind of leadership, accountability, and just common sense approach you demonstrated as Supervisor. I have lived in this city all of my forty seven years and have voted in every election since age eighteen. I voted for you as Supervisor because I thought you had the “right stuff” and I was NOT dissapointed . I’m not lying to you when I say you and Barack Obama are the only two candidates I ever felt a solid reason to vote for. I’m tired of seeing City Hall being used as a political stepping stone and am even more disenchanted with the political machines the produced that walking haircut mayor that’s letting the city departments run completely wild.

    P.S. I used to be a parishoner at St. Brendans Church and remember your involvement with the musical program. Run Tony, RUN !

    Take Care and best wishes,

    John C. Popescu

  2. Mr. Hall:
    The city’s neighborhoods need a break from the aggressively anti-car policies coming out of City Hall. The people of the city have never had a chance to vote on the Bicycle Plan, Critical Mass, and Congestion Pricing, which the city is still planning to implement to charge the people of SF to drive downtown in their own city! Those who have to drive in the city are tired of the predatory campaign by City Hall, which apparently sees them as nothing but a source of revenue. By giving answers to these questions ( different than those of David Chiu and Dennis Herrera, you could initiate a dialogue on traffic that would be good for San Francisco.

    Rob Anderson

  3. Barry Kinney

    Tony, I would like to make a campaign contribution. Where do I send the check? BK

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