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Thinking of what San Francisco needs in its next Mayor…

My name is Tony Hall, and I am honored that you are visiting my blog.

I have lived in San Francisco for 40 years. For over three decades, I have been a singer – an entertainer – in San Francisco. I enjoy bringing San Franciscans together through music. I have also spent 30 years in public service for the people of San Francisco, both as a Supervisor, and working closely with some of our great mayors. I know what San Francisco can be: a thriving community of neighborhoods as diverse as its people – working together for the common good. I left city government in 2004. Since then, I have watched San Francisco turning in the wrong direction as special interests and insider agendas have put politics over people. More than ever, San Francisco needs a working Mayor – a mayor who isn’t running for higher office, but is simply focused on doing the people’s business and doing it with transparency and openness.

That is why I believe it is time to seriously explore a candidacy for Mayor of San Francisco in 2011 – and that means it is time to seek your input. If I choose to run for Mayor, it will be because I truly believe I can represent those who currently have no voice in city hall. San Francisco can be a great city again, but I truly believe it needs renewal, and the most important reform is to give the city back to its people.

I am asking each visitor to leave on idea or concern at my new website: I have a vision for a San Francisco that works for all its citizens, and after 30 years serving our city, I know that no one person has all the answers. Your input will help me formulate a citizens’ platform that unifies San Franciscans. Respect for each others’ ideas. Grassroots ideas, rather than special interest agendas, are what will get San Francisco back to its greatness.

Please join this important dialogue for San Francisco’s future and check back for updates.

Yours Truly,
Tony Hall


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